Superfood Dilemma

My dietician says that in present times we all are like kings with a wide spread of food to chose from. So true! Today we have a wide range of affordable food in the market, which in turn is producing an overweight population. There is an equally wide range of advises to lose weight. One such fad is that of Superfoods.

All know what is a superfood, but still a small description is called for. Wikipedia says ‘Superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits’.

Superfoods are supposed to help lose those extra flabs easily and in a healthy way. They are also supposed to protect from various diseases. But the dilemma creeps in when the superfood list keeps on increasing on a daily basis – what to take and what not to take.

I typed “superfood list” on Google and looking through the first three results only, I got a huge list of superfoods, which are listed below. There were so so so many but I did not have the patience to type them all. I guess every food has become a superfood now.
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Sometime back, like any other person obsessed with losing weight, I too was overwhelmed to hear and read about superfoods. I thought that finally there is something I can eat and lose weight and that too without spending on the dietician fee. I kept on hopping from one superfood to another and got so tired with all this hopping that I ended up meeting the dietician (finally). The dietician also recommended some items from the above list but now I had a proper plan to follow.

Superfood is good but too much of sweetness causes diabetes. Superfoods are mostly all natural food but with too much of antioxidants and omega 3s. Antioxidants are good but taken in unlimited quantity reduces the level of pro oxidants in the body, which is equally important for a healthy living. To be fit and healthy, a body needs a balanced doze of all nutrients, proteins and vitamins – just antioxidants are not enough.

Superfood has become synonymous with weight loss. Though it is not true. For example, my dieitician said I should avoid banana for weight loss and the list above states banana as a superfood. Banana is considered to be a superfood for people fighting high blood pressure or who want to clear bacteria from their stomach.

So redefining superfood, as per Oxford dictionary - a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. It could be any aspect of health and not just weight loss. Therefore before blindly picking a superfood, the effect of that food should be well understood. A food may be a superfood for weight loss but might turn out to be ineffective or even harmful to a diabetic patient.

Any diet taken without proper planning does not give the desired effect. Planning not only means deciding the time to eat something but also what to eat and at what time. The diet should make sure that all essential elements required by the body through out the day are taken in the required quantity.

A super life needs a super smile and a super attitude along with superfoods ! ! !

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