Why I do not Vote

I have pondered over this question for long. But never got a satisfactory answer. Every time the elections are round the corner, I take a vow that being responsible citizen of the country, I will vote for the betterment for my country. And hence I start to shortlist candidates that suit my criteria of an ideal leader to serve my nation.

I want a leader to protect all women of the nation from work place molestation, domestic violence, eve teasing, etc.; people contesting charges of molesting women are not welcome.

I need a leader who can have an independent balanced honest thinking; people who get influenced by power are not welcome

I want a leader to take care of my hard earned money and use it ONLY for nation’s development; people using my money for their own development are not welcome.

I want a leader to use nation’s natural resources for improvement of nation’s infrastructure; people using it for the improvement of their personal financial structure are not welcome.

I want a leader who can bring down the unemployment level of the nation; people bringing down the unemployment level of their family are not welcome.

I want a leader who can make sure the business houses of the nation are following transparent corporate governance; people teaming with corporate houses in illegal corporate governance are not welcome.

I want a leader who can strive for the betterment of nationals who are below poverty line; people working for the betterment of people above super rich line are not welcome.

I want a secular leader for my nation – secular not just by words but also by belief; people who use the banner of religion and cast for power are not welcome.

I want a leader who can help in providing basic education to every national, irrespective of age, sex, cast, religion; people trying to provide foreign education to their family by using nation’s hard earned money are not welcome.

I want a leader who can take lessons from natural disasters and make endeavours to make sure they don’t happen again and also try to reduce the harm caused; people who use these situations to come into the limelight are not welcome.

I want a leader who can try to diffuse the tension and reduce the harm caused in case of communal clashes; people who start playing blame game for political benefits in these situations are not welcome.

I want a leader who can help promote the sports of the nation; people enjoying family holidays in the name of sports travel are not welcome.

I want a leader who can take criticisms in a sporting way; people who put nationals behind bars for criticizing them are not welcome.

I want a leader who makes sure laws are used to protect innocent nationals; people using laws to protect criminals and crimes are not welcome.

These are some of the points that I look at while deciding whom to vote. But when I start analyzing the candidates in the light of these decision factors, none seem to fit the bill.

I don’t need a person with good oration skills and presentation skills. I am not looking to hire a management graduate. I need someone for a greater task. I need someone to manage my county and countrymen. I need someone to deal with the unfair practices that auto rickshaw owners use while charging fair. I need someone to make sure there are no potholes no garbage piles on the road. I need someone to understand the basic need and problems of common Indian.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet come across any such candidate. Then whom should I vote for? Why should I vote for someone who I feel is not fit enough to manage my country? No candidate is having the clean image that I look for. No one seems to have a notion of serving the nation wholeheartedly. My nation is not in need of a power freak politician; we need a dedicated Indian to serve the nation.

Hence the question remains unanswered – whom should I vote. And unless I get the answer, I keep my voting right restrained. I do not vote.

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